It’s difficult to know what to do. We believe the solution is to get back to the basics. What made this country great was the willingness of the people to work together for a common good. Please allow us to tell you a story about a friend of ours as it will communicate our idea perfectly.

Our friend married and had three girls, this goes back to the early 1960’s. Her husband worked with a construction company. They lived in a small town in northern Arizona. His work was more often than not down in Phoenix so he commuted. They rented a house and dreamed of building their own home. They found a nice piece of property and bought it saving their money to get enough to build the house. They were happy with a real basic rural life. Early one morning on his way to work a drunk driver swerved into his lane and killed him. This left her grief stricken with three small girls to raise, and no job- she’d been a homemaker, her husband had the job. She scrambled to make a living because this was before welfare, food stamps, and things like that. Their insurance agent called her up and told her how sorry he was for her loss and explained he might lose his job for telling her what he was going to say and proceeded to explain she could make a claim against her policy for her husband’s death. That information got her $5,000, which doesn’t seem like much today but was enough to tied her over back then. She took whatever work she could find, mucking horse stalls, taking in laundry, seamstress work. Her neighbors helped out watching the girls after school when she was working- neighbors helping each other because it was the right thing to do.

One Saturday morning she looked out and saw her husband’s boss pull up with the crew of men who had worked with her husband. They had a truck full of materials. The boss explained to her they were going to build her that house she and her husband had dreamed about. He asked only that she fix some food for the crew and that became the arrangement. Every weekend the crew drove up from Phoenix sand built her house and she fed them home cooked meals. When it was complete she had a home to raise her girls which saved her struggling to pay the rent. The boss and workers extended this kindness simply because it was the right thing to do and she needed help.

That’s what we believe will turn this country around. If we all reach out and do what we can for another. We know asking people to donate money to a charity is problematic, because everyone has their own financial issues and there are so many causes that one could support it’s impossible to support everything you might feel good about.

We have a much better idea. All we ask of you is that you give us your old electronic junk; old cell phones, old computers, gameboys, TVs, playstations, pads, and all the other electronic stuff you have sitting in a closet or in the garage. We recycle it; we fix what is repairable perhaps making your old cell phone available to someone who cannot afford a phone. Or repairing a computer from parts you and several others donated to give to a child whose parents cannot afford to buy one. The money we generate is utilized to provide medical services to those who truly need them. The office visit for a sick child, a treatment for a chronically ill person; we focus upon providing care for those who need it most. And, we provide jobs for those who need work and cannot find it.

Reaching out to help another is a very real positive way affects you.

Please donate today!