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Tree of Life Electronic Recycling

A Project of Caring for Humanity

Take a look around. Is this the sort of world you expected?

Let’s face it, the economy isn’t great. The top 1% of the population own 50% of everything. Ya, Obamacare was supposed to be great, and everyone could get insurance, but what we’re finding out is the insurance you can afford has a huge deductible, which doesn’t cover basic healthcare- like going to the doctor for an office visit. The news is full of depressing stuff. Take for instance; in 2015 there were 372 mass shootings in this country. That’s more than one a day. It seems like instead of the government being us, it has become the government is them against the rest of us. The country has become so divisive; it’s hard to have a simple conversation with people.

We have a simple solution that won’t cost you a penny and will help a lot of people. Please scroll down.

If you throw your old cellphone, iPad, or computer into the trash it will take 450 years for it to dissolve and no longer be your cellphone. Now think about all the cellphones sitting in landfills; that’s the pictures you see here; landfills chock full of old electronics that will pollute the environment for another 450 years.

If we asked you to donate to our nonprofit you’d have to think about whether or not you thought our project was worthy, then consider if you had the spare money….

But, if we just asked you to give us your old electronic scrap, cell phones, iPads, computers, gameboys and stuff like that it’d be an easy choice because it won’t cost you anything and we use the proceeds to help people who cannot afford medical care. Please click on our donation tab to see how you can help.